Fog and Friction is a military history blog. Although my area of interest is US military history (in particular, the US Civil War), topics from all eras of human warfare are fair game for discussion and analysis. Whenever possible, emphasis is given toward examining military history through the lens of military intelligence. How a commander determined to pierce the fog of conflict to ascertain his enemy’s strength, intent, and disposition reflects a fundamental aspect of his leadership.

A little background: After I received my bachelor’s degree in political science from the 13490853_10208391286932538_1494222551478691293_oUniversity of Louisville, I joined the Air Force. The intent at the time was to serve 4 – 6 years, then get out so I could apply to the FBI as a special agent. After September 11, 2001, I decided to stay in the service for a while longer, to serve my country in time of war. I spent a total of 12 years (just under) as an intelligence professional (enlisted for just over 3 years, commissioned for just under 8). Three of those years were spent in the Middle East and Central Asia. In 2007, I separated from the Air Force, and then lost my race against Father Time to the FBI…I was too old to apply. So I settled into the world of business. I currently work as a business consultant for a large insurance company.

Which isn’t the most exciting profession. To liven things up, I dusted off my G.I. Bill and earned my Master’s Degree in Military History.

I love to write, and for while there I was publishing articles for Yahoo! as one of their Politics Featured Contributors. I got away from that, for a variety of reasons. But being an analytical beast at heart, I craved a venue to post writings on political  events, as well as my new-found passion for history. This blog is one way that I hope to contribute to historical scholarship.


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